Our mission is to preserve and promote our unique, irreplaceable heritage as Michiganders.

From one end of Michigan to the other, from Detroit to Negaunee, we’re supporting preservation of Michigan’s only public presidential home, a project to herald our fresh water heritage, and local community understanding of their part in our collective story. We partner with our State Archives and Museum, State Historical Preservation Office, and Department of Military and Veterans Affairs to provide aid for vital history efforts.

Heritage Michigan is a 501(c)(3) with nearly $2 million in assets devoted to support for preservation projects on presidential, military, industrial, natural resource, Native American, and other aspects of our history. Contributions are tax deductible.

We’ve helped educate hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren on Michigan history since our founding in 1998. We’re aiding family and genealogical research so critical to helping understand our past.

Please help these efforts with your generous financial support. And feel free to reach us at contact@heritagemichigan.org with comments, questions, or suggestions – and visit us on Facebook.


Jack Dempsey

Executive Director